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Touchscreen with fingers or stylus?

Hm – I’m a little confused about the touchscreen. I was expecting to be able to write on the T91. Neill McAllister covered in PC World some of the benefits and he’ll likely turn into a repeat customer as well…

BTW, I’ve set up the search term “T91” in my gmail account today and plan on reporting how the hits go up over time.


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First Review

First superficial report available with technical comments and an assessment of the T91 and T101 model. Thanks laptopmag! Hands On

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Demo Video

Yeeees – “affordable”, “available rather sooner than later”, –  that’s exactly what I want to hear!

“$499?” ” in March?” I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Check out this video on youtube from Jon Barrow – and this video on youtube from Ruth Owen with

Thanks Jon and Ruth!

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Sweeeet first T91 video on Engadged

Video on Engdaged

I want one!

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T91 in its infancy

There are currently only’ 9710 hits when you search for “EeePC T91”.

Google search for "EeePC T91" on 8th of Jan 2008

Google search for "EeePC T91" on 8th of Jan 2008

Anybody taking a bet that this number will be above a million within less than 3 months?

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Oh lord! – why don’t you give me a Tablet PC

This new tablet PC that was featured in Wired as seen on CES for the first time looks like quite the thing! My wife had given me an Asus EEE PC 701 for my birthday Dec 2007 and I enjoyed that machine a lot. In the meantime I had contemplated to upgrade with a touch sensitive screen myself but I left it at disabling the fan. I like the small size, the weight and the fact that the machine is quiet.
Now there’s this T91 and eventually a T101 – how can I resist?

Asus T91 - my dream machine

The new Asus T91 - dream machine

Look at it! Swivel touchscreen laptop.

When does it become available. And most of all – where do I get the $ to purchase this piece of art?

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